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Currently we are parked in the Northland region where we are parked in my sisters section. My wife has been gainfully employed in a town called Mangawhai about 20 minutes away and working for a grower who has taken it upon himself to try his first crop of strawberries. If i could call it less than an epic fail i would, but for whatever reason it has transpired that almost his entire crop has been pulled up by the roots and replaced with more mundane vegetables for why, i can’t understand. SO i spent another evening topping hundreds of strawberries she rescued from the feet of fellow workers and bagging them for the freezer. I’m told that he had quite large financial investment and losses to date but i’m not entirely sure the strawberries or the amount of workers are to blame for their demise. i would suspect his expectations on the returns to be achieved in the first year to be set at unrealistic levels so perhaps that’s why i’m currently spending another evening dealing to fruit my wife has rescued. It has been quite an eventful couple of weeks since leaving a friends place in Whangarei where my wife was engaged as Gardner for a short time. since being here we have had my wife’s birthday and she has managed to procure many more Bonsai trees, actually this amounts to stunted shrubs rescued from on site where she is working and made to look like Ancient trees by her cleverness and skill with secateurs. These should fetch a reasonable price in the Auckland markets as Bonsai are in short supply at the moment and a privet no matter how it much it plays havoc with allergies, still makes a nice looking specimen, so i am told. The birthday went very well save for a friend who came to visit and my nieces dog biting him on the knee, which i am informed is healing well now the swelling has gone down. the dog in question was taken to task over the offending, with much severity so that it fair wouldn’t look at me the next day, but unfortunately it has returned to its inhospitable ways and therefore has sealed it’s fate with the dog pound. this is a sad end for the little guy but she can’t protect every visitor that comes unexpectedly by continuing to have the dog tied up. Serena’s job may be at and end tomorrow, or so she was loosely informed, as there really aren’t enough strawberries to pick now and the other crops are probably a month or more away. So it’s back to panic mode first thing before their is a chance to breathe and let the days unfold without projecting to much calamity into the present. It’s back to trusting and waiting for us.

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